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As investors we own shares in many of the world’s leading businesses that are driving progress towards a low or zero carbon economy. We do this because we believe that these businesses, because of their positive impact, are best-placed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to us as investors.

Seb Beloe

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Our commitments

WHEB is an investment boutique based in London that is wholly focused on investing in listed companies that are enabling and benefiting from the shift to a low carbon and more sustainable economy.

We are committed to investing only in companies that enable and benefit from the shift to a low carbon and more sustainable global economy. Our company’s explicit mission is to ‘advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investing'.

The positive impact created by the companies that are held in WHEB’s investment strategy is reported as part of an ‘impact calculator’. This allows investors, from the largest to the smallest, to calculate the specific impact (including renewable energy and carbon emissions that are avoided) that is associated with their level of investment. The impact calculator is available at