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Tackling climate emergency is possible. We can reshape our energy systems, while promoting business growth and economic development for all. Europe needs a powerful, socially inclusive agenda for net-zero emissions by 2050 and Enel stands ready to support such commitment.

Florin Madar


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TEMAD Group of companies comprises TEMAD Co - company dealing with the import and distribution of auxiliary products for constructions and industry at national level, Temad Energie - Photovoltaic power station and Temad Productie - Fibreglass mesh factory. TEMAD recently created an important photovoltaic plant in Rasnov, Brasov.

Temad Co is one of the most important distribution companies in Romania, widely known on the market for construction, design and decoration auxiliary materials.

Each product is the result of investments in research, in the development of innovating and secure technologies, as well as of increased attention given to the impact on the environment and on humans.