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Tehnix d.o.o.

Tehnix d.o.o.

As Mayors, we have to mobilize and engage our communities - most importantly the youth - to achieve resilient, low-emission, circular, nature-based equal and healthy cities. The City of Strasbourg, as one of the Capitals of Europe, is particularly committed to inventing a new urban development model for tomorrow. To do so, our "common language" should be the new framework of the SDGs that we must localize.

Duro Horvat

CEO of Tehnix d.o.o.

Tehnix d.o.o. is a leading eco-industry in Croatia. Tehnix produces environmental protection machinery and equipment. Its goal is to implement new technologies which will help to achieve better results in Municipal Solid Waste Management by converting solid waste into secondary raw materials, using the Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) as a great energy potential, and converting organic waste into ecological fertilizers.