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Sweco has a comprehensive portfolio of climate solutions for all stakeholders in societal development. We are ready to meet the necessary increase in demand in order to fulfill the Paris Agreement.

Åsa Bergman

CEO of Sweco

Our commitments

The climate of the future will be warmer and wetter than today’s. Higher temperatures and altered precipitation patterns will increase the risk for local water shortages and droughts during the summer season. Violent downpours often lead to flooding in urban areas and along lakes and rivers.

These new conditions are creating a need for solutions that both reduce climate impact and adapt society to a changed climate. Climate change adaption is aimed at keeping society’s functions intact even when they are affected by climate change.

Through proactive adaptation of our society, we can reduce the risks to human life and health and avoid runaway costs for damage.

Sweco’s experts offer services that can contribute to reducing climate impact and increasing climate change adaption. Our experiences range from small, local areas to adaptation of entire societies and major infrastructure projects.