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Maria Latizia MarianiSignify

If you think about the 60s, a strategy … a vision, plus an ambitious target, put a man on the moon. It was something that was unbelievable at the time, and the energy and the innovation that was stimulated by that ambitious vison, plus a clear target, is still something that we benefit [from] today.

Maria Latizia Mariani

President of Signify

A lighting revolution

To meet the needs of a growing population, we need to consume resources more efficiently. By 2030 for example, the global tally of light points will have increased by 35% to 60 billion. Simply adopting LED in place of incandescent lighting would reduce energy consumption by a remarkable 53%.

The ‘LED Revolution Booklet’, published by Signify, reveals that a switch of all lighting sources to LEDs could provide a global reduction in carbon emissions of 1,400 megatons by 2030 and result in economic savings of EUR272 billion.

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C-neutral by 2020 (made at COP21); Net Zero Carbon Buildings


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