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SEAK Energetics

SEAK Energetics

Smart city technologies don't have to be expensive. They should actually pay for themselves. That's what we're focusing on in our lighting control and EV charging products.

Heliodor Macko

CEO of SEAK s.r.o.

Our commitments

SEAK develops and manufactures lighting control systems for smart cities and industry or commercial places. We help our customers to save thousands of megawatt hours of energy by providing exactly as much light as needed at the times when it is needed. Further, we manufacture EV chargers, so that the saved energy can be used in a meaningful way.

Initiatives we are part of:

Slovak Alliance for Innovation Economy (

Lighting the way to a low carbon future

With one fifth of energy consumption worldwide coming from lighting, Slovakian company SEAK have made it their mission to use cutting-edge innovation to reduce the environmental impact and cost of this form of energy. 

By providing intelligent smart lighting control solutions for commercial and industrial customers they are part of a growing national and international movement driving the shift towards a low carbon future. These systems are also able to save millions of euros in electricity costs for public, as well as commercial, lighting.

Customers are able to slash their energy usage by up to 40%, something clients includingTESCO, Volkswagen, RTR ENERGÍA and Venture Lighting have embraced. After making the move to smart lighting (where you can control each individual light)companies can then save an additional 30% on power consumption. 

 In2018, they introduced electric vehicle charging stations integrated with intelligent lighting columns, earning the Urbis Gold Medal 2018 for the most innovative solution.  

Heliodor Macko, CEO of SEAK, said: “We only have one planet and everybody has to do what they can to reduce out impact. We are manufacturing and perfecting technology that enables businesses and the public to reduce their energy consumption.

“Our systems integrate both intelligent lighting and vehicle charging. They allow you to build very efficient charging networks whilst making significant energy savings through our smart lighting."

SEAK was founded in 1988 by Jozef Sedlak, an inventor and entrepreneur specialising in lighting control and management systems. Sedlak invented a unique technology to enable remote communication with individual lamps over power lines.

Over the past years, SEAK has built collaborative networks within both the private and public sectors through the creation of national and regional partnerships. They are encouraging municipalities across Slovakia to invest in these green technologies.

These include the ‘I Want My City Smart’ initiative, working in partnership with a group of tech specialists to develop smart cities throughout Slovakia. Their aim is to help the country meet a target of 30%reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

They’ve also joined forces with 60 innovative companies to form The Slovak Alliance forInnovation Economy (SAPIE), whose mission is to help innovative companies grow through network building and regional cooperation whilst advocating progressive national and international policies to encourage innovation-friendly policies.

SEAK are set to introduce a pilot project of intelligent street lamps, weather stations and electric vehicle chargers in the city of Banská Bystrica. This is co-funded and monitored by the Ministry of Economy as they look to support future energy reduction projects. 

In the past few years, SEAK has entered new markets outside the EU, such as Israel,Vietnam, Ukraine and Russia. As a result they has managed to win important business from large corporate clients and achieved a tenfold increase in turnover.

Heliodor Macko added: “We are committed to bringing together different vendors of smart city technologies to find better solutions collaboratively. As part of our ethos, we believe these innovations should be focussed not on profit but on making a significant contribution to improving the environment.”