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As Mayors, we have to mobilize and engage our communities - most importantly the youth - to achieve resilient, low-emission, circular, nature-based equal and healthy cities. The City of Strasbourg, as one of the Capitals of Europe, is particularly committed to inventing a new urban development model for tomorrow. To do so, our "common language" should be the new framework of the SDGs that we must localize.

Peter Damgaard Jensen


Our commitments

PKA is highly committed to protecting the environment and contributing to the green transition by investing responsibly and practising active ownership. We believe that actively responding to climate change contributes to developing a more sustainable future for all. Simultaneously, we ensure long-term, responsible investments that generate good returns to our members.

PKA has been ranked the most climate conscious Danish pension fund by WWF for 4 consecutive years.

Commitments we have signed up to: UNGC, PRI, Paris Pledge for Action

Initiatives we are part of: CDP, IIGCC, CA100+, GCNN, EnergySolutions, UNEPFI, GRI

PKA operates globally.

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