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Mycroft Mind

Life is energy. If we are concerned about our lifestyle, we should also care about where we take the energy from and how well are we using it. Same as we profit and grow from sharing our lives with other people, we can profit from sharing energy with our neighbors. That’s why we focus on energy communities and smart grid optimization in our research and development activities.

Filip Procházka

CEO of Mycroft Mind

Our commitments

Mycroft Mind is a Czech high-tech company providing top-class advanced data analytics for IoT networks. With over 8 years on energy market and 15 billion smart meter data processed, we know how to help energy distributors, utilities, cities and manufacturers to face the emerging challenges of the information era. Our research and development activities also focus on preparing the right conditions to form energy communities.

Initiative we are part of

Chcem smart mesto (I want my city smart)

This initiative brings together Slovak and Czech technological companies that want to help the cities in their home countries. Thanks to experience not only from Czechia and Slovakia, but also from abroad, member companies of Chcem smart mesto can help the municipalities with getting better oriented and entering the world of smart city. The aim is to show that "smart city" is not a buzzword detached from the reality of Czechia and Slovakia, but it represents technologies that can really provide simpler, more ecological and better organized living in long-term sustainable cities. Moreover, the members have made a commitment that their solutions would complement one another so that cities can profit from having to control only one intelligent whole, not dozen separate uncooperative systems.