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Life is energy. If we are concerned about our lifestyle, we should also care about where we take the energy from and how well are we using it. Same as we profit and grow from sharing our lives with other people, we can profit from sharing energy with our neighbors. That’s why we focus on energy communities and smart grid optimization in our research and development activities.

Filip Procházka

CEO of Mycroft Mind

Our commitments

Mycroft Mind is a Czech high-tech company providing top-class advanced data analytics for IoT networks. With over 8 years on energy market and 15 billion smart meter data processed, we know how to help energy distributors, utilities, cities and manufacturers to face the emerging challenges of the information era. Our research and development activities also focus on preparing the right conditions to form energy communities.

Initiative we are part of

Chcem smart mesto (I want my city smart)

This initiative brings together Slovak and Czech technological companies that want to help the cities in their home countries. Thanks to experience not only from Czechia and Slovakia, but also from abroad, member companies of Chcem smart mesto can help the municipalities with getting better oriented and entering the world of smart city. The aim is to show that "smart city" is not a buzzword detached from the reality of Czechia and Slovakia, but it represents technologies that can really provide simpler, more ecological and better organized living in long-term sustainable cities. Moreover, the members have made a commitment that their solutions would complement one another so that cities can profit from having to control only one intelligent whole, not dozen separate uncooperative systems.

Smart energy for a low carbon future

In the era of decentralisation and decarbonisation, energy companies need new insights if they are going to distribute and manage energy more efficiently. Mycroft Mind can help companies better understand and reduce energy use and cut carbon emissions in the process.

Mycroft Mind’s DataGenie platform collects and processes smart grid data, allowing better control and ensuring power supply stability. The platform enables systems to predict higher energy demand and adjust production accordingly.

How does this help reduce carbon footprints? Smart grids enable higher amounts of low carbon energy production, better distribution and targeted use, expanding the possibilities to automate and manage increasingly complex and growing electricity demand. Without them, home energy generation, the development of energy communities and higher consumption of energy from renewables, would be much more limited.

 Filip Procházka, Mycroft Mind CEO, said:“Mycroft Mind’s analytics allow customers to realise the value and savings from smart grid investments and make informed decisions based on intelligent data analytics.

“Smart grids help reduce energy losses and represent a more efficient distribution solution. Their further development promises new opportunities in how something as precious and vital as energy can be managed without having a negative impact on the environment.”

Founded in 2007 as a Czech university spin-off, the company developed a strong national base and has started expanding abroad. In Spain, they are successfully working on reducing energy theft, loss and grid damage. In the Czech Republic, their local load control project promotes better use of solar energy by targeting local consumption to locally produced energy, saving electricity that would have been lost in transfer from the low voltage network to the high voltage transition grid.

In Prague, they have identified areas where Electric Vehicles (EVs) are used more widely and are working with the energy distributors to upgrade the grid systems to cope with this increase ddemand.

Mycroft Mind have also joined the ‘I want my city smart’ initiative, operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, alongside other innovative tech companies, to showcase more sustainable city technologies. Seminars and conferences are organised through the initiative to educate regional and city representatives about cutting edge solutions, including smart energy and carbon emissions reduction. By helping city and regional councils to adopt new smart city policies and technologies, such as energy communities and virtual power plants, they are driving the move towards net zero emissions.

Filip Procházka added: “We believe that on this platform, together, we can achieve more than an individual company would. So far, we have had successes, from being regarded as a true expert platform by the Slovak smart city community to working on international city projects, consultations and speaking at conferences.”

Joining Step Up Now was important for Mycroft Mind because they wanted to be part of a powerful alliance of international companies working towards a low carbon future.

“We didn’t join just for the sake of improving our international profile. No-one should join just for marketing. We believe that the goals are right and we are already working on making them happen, not just in our company, but with our customers across the world,” said Filip Procházka.