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Merkur Cooperative Bank

Merkur Cooperative Bank

In Merkur Cooperative Bank we believe in and work for a sustainable future, and we try to encourage people and companies to take part in shaping it. But to take the next step it is now crucial that the world leaders take serious action and commit to ambitious obligations cutting CO2 emissions. Therefore, we strongly encourage the European countries to show the way forward and work towards a zero-emissions future.

Lars Pehrson

CEO of Merkur Cooperative Bank

Our commitments

Merkur Cooperative Bank give and facilitate financial advice and financing to both personal and business customers. On the business side we finance profit making enterprises within sustainable production and not-for-profit institutions and associations within educational, cultural and social fields. When financing companies and projects within sustainable production we believe that we are contributing to the development of a more sustainable future. E.g. we finance renewable energy, organic agriculture, environmental organizations, sustainable housing projects and production companies. In this way we strive to promote the companies and projects that develop new solutions for a sustainable society.

Commitments we have signed up to

The Nordic Climate Proposal, Paris Pledge (BankTrack campaign)

Initiatives we are part of

Member of Concito, founding member of Global Alliance for Banking on Values