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KBI Global Investors

KBI Global Investors

Investing in companies which supply products and services to address the need for a vastly increased supply of clean energy is the way in which we play our part in the move towards net zero emissions.

Eoin Fahy

Head of Responsible Investing at KBI Global Investors

Our commitments

At KBI Global Investors, we have a strong commitment to addressing climate change issues, having launched our Energy Solutions equity strategy as far back as 2001.  We are committed to TCFD reporting, and have already opted in to the voluntary TCFD reporting module of the PRI.

KBIGI’s Energy Solutions strategy, which has been managed by the firm since its inception in 2000, invests only in companies whose products or services are contributing to a climate-neutral economy and society, via renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.  

Other Sustainable Natural Resources portfolios are supportive of net-zero emissions, including our Sustainable Infrastructure strategy which allocates capital towards investments in companies which are building or maintaining sustainable infrastructure in the areas of clean energy, clean water, and safe food.

Energy Solutions

We launched our Energy Solutions strategy, investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency companies around the globe, as long ago as 2001, so we have a self-evident long-standing commitment to addressing climate change.  

In addition, we measure the extent to which each of our Sustainable Natural Resource strategies contributes to the achievement of SDG 7 (Clean and Affordable Energy) and SDG 13 (Climate Action).

We are members of the Principles for Responsible Investments (since 2008), the Investor Decarbonisation Initiative which promotes the adoption of Science-Based Targets, the CDP, and several other organisations and initiatives.