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Businesses are a solution rather than an obstacle when dealing with environmental and climate crisis.

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Fair Venture is a consulting and support company in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate sustainability. We will help you to introduce social responsibility into your company and become your partner for sustainable business.

Fair Venture was established in 2018 as a consulting and support company specialising in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. Their aim is to  help integrate this within companies and partner them on the journey to becoming more sustainable

The Czech Republic-based start-up, founded by Dan Heuer and Lenka Heuerová, aims to help both the public and private sectors integrate sustainability practices through a four step engagement process.

This involves an initial sustainability assessment, input by employees leading to the creation of a CSR strategy, a detailed implementation plan with a final CSR report completing the process.

Lenka focuses on human resources, working with company teams and offering personal training. Fair Venture included this within their business model because they felt that only focussing on CSR and reporting wouldn’t make a company fully sustainable. The views of employees are key to helping change the direction of the company whilst, in turn, having a positive impact on the staff.

Lenka explores the values employees hold dear and examines what sustainability means to them through coaching sessions and the use of psychometric tools. This also informs the CSR strategy which Fair Venture can help implement.

Dan develops their CSR reporting and sustainable strategies, offering guidance over what key elements need to be measured, including energy saving and climate impact. A sustainability report outlines the effect the business can have on society and the broader environment, supplemented by a roadmap to meet the agreed objectives.

Dan said: “We analyse all aspects of the company to understand how sustainable elements can be implemented within the business model. There are also opportunities to extend the benefits to supply chains.

“It’s important to make companies understand what goals are achievable because many believe that they need to be more sustainable but they haven’t grasped how to develop a roadmap to move this forward.

“A CSR strategy is the first stage of the process but we want to avoid companies just greenwashing. By following this process through to the end will engender a more meaningful, systemic, long- term change process through the application of the necessary tools to create positive change.”

Fair Ventures is currently working with the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade and is in the process of developing a free, online tool that allows SMEs to develop their own sustainability code to make CSR reporting easier and more accessible in order to shift the culture.

Over the past few years, EU legislation combined with increased consumer awareness and media interest has brought sustainability into the Czech mainstream. However, Dan believes many  businesses are resistant to change, being more interested in profits than their ecological footprint. Fair Venture hope their efforts will help shift the balance in favour of a greener future.