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Claude Nahon

Sustainable development senior vice president at EDF

Our commitments

The world of energy is changing. Energy is becoming more decentralised, low-carbon and digital. Customers are increasingly actively involved in their consumption, their energy savings, and even their production. Meters are becoming smarter. Wind, sun and the sea: we are seeking ways to utilise nature’s resources as best possible to generate electricity. Digital is being used to exchange power, optimise consumption and remotely control objects.

All these innovations are leading us to adjust and evolve. This commitment to change and to working as closely as possible with customers and regions – at the heart of the energy transition and climate issues – underpins our new strategic goal called Cap 2030: a responsible electricity company that champions low-carbon growth.

Given this context, we have adopted six Corporate Social Responsibility Goals, echoing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Each reflects a strong climate and low-carbon commitment, human development of EDF Group’s employees, offers for clients and especially the most vulnerable, energy efficiency, dialogue and consultation, and biodiversity conservation.

These are significant and priority commitments on which the Group will report each year.