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If we want to achieve change, we have to take responsibility for our actions and to see the consequences. A pre-requisite for this is mutual dialogue and inspiration. It concerns individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, ministries, governments and corporations.

Veronika Nováčková

Director of Bezobalu, z. ú

Our commitment

The story of Bezobalu, a non-for-profit organisation began in 2013 when several enthusiastic actors decided to share their climat ambition with the members of their community and  the general public. Since then, the team and activities of Bezobalu has expanded.

The work and philosophy of Bezobalu is based on three basic pillars:

We inspire

We are looking for solutions to manage waste. We offer people ways to change their behaviours, attitudes and habits towards it. We use the concept of Zero Waste and discuss it with the public through the media, at social events and at schools with children. We organise our own workshops and conferences (2016 Bezobalu about Zero Waste, Bea Johnson was our guest (, we did a conference about Zero Waste in everyday's life for everybody and in 2018 we proposed a conference titled 'Business and Zero Waste, YES or NO?' for small and medium-sized businesses).

We sell

We run two ZeroWaste shops in Prague, where people can buy quality local products and use their own reusable containers. We avoid unnecessary waste from disposable packaging and educate suppliers to adopt a responsible attitude towards the distribution of goods. The profits we make from our sales is invested in our activities.

We spread

We established a cooperation with foreign Zero Waste stores WHERE? , communicate with Czech supervisory authorities and develop zero waste methods for the local market. Through training sessions, we transfer our know-how to those interested in opening similar stores in the regions of the Czech Republic and we help to develop other Zero Waste stores in the Czech Republic.