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Charles Kirwan TaylorAtlas Infrastructure

Charles Kirwan Taylor

Chairman of Atlas Infrastructure

Finance and climate change

ATLAS is focused solely on long-term infrastructure investing. We are driven by an underlying interest in the asset class and a curiosity which motivates us continually to develop our understanding of infrastructure assets and the regulatory, contractual and economic frameworks in which they operate. Our role, quite simply, is to utilise the knowledge derived from our experience and our research, to build portfolios of high quality infrastructure assets to meet our clients' investment objectives.

The ATLAS investment universe comprises 150 high quality infrastructure stocks with a combined market capitalisation of approximately US$2.0tn. ​The investment universe includes companies from a range of infrastructure sectors including toll roads, airports, sea ports, communications infrastructure, electric, gas & water utilities, and transmission pipelines.

Infrastructure assets are, by their nature, long lived and relatively inflexible.  Therefore, in purchasing long dated infrastructure assets, investors inherently take on exposure to changes in government policies and other social and climate related factors.

ATLAS has developed a proprietary methodology which explicitly models the cash flow impacts of climate change policies and associated economic transitions.  Consideration of these factors is an integral part of our assessment of all investments for all portfolios, rather than an approach for a particular strategy or as an addendum to our investment process.