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At Anglian Water we have set ambitious carbon targets to disrupt established ‘good practice’ and open up new and even better ways of working. We are now committed to becoming a carbon neutral business by 2050 and expect this to be great for our business, our customers and the environment.

Peter Simpson

CEO Anglian Water

Our commitments

Anglian Water is set to be a carbon neutral business by 2050. We are part of the Prince of Wales's Corporate Leaders Group and the UK Green Construction Board.

Practical activity that we are implementing that can help achieve net zero by 2050

1) Rapid increase in the self-generation of renewable energy. Three-fold increase since 2010 from sewage biogas and wind. Now we are committed to an ambitious programme of solar PV and energy storage.

2) Working with government and others we have helped to lead dramatic reductions of carbon and cost in the UK construction sector. At Anglian Water we have reduced the capital carbon in our new assets by more than 50%. This approach reduced costs in our £2bn, 2010-2015, investment programme by more than 20%.